• Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk
  • Made of 100% cow’s milk

Handy and fresh

Grand Pré milk is a daily staple! Thanks to its unique characteristics, it’s been a part of Québec’s families since 1978.

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A part of Québec’s history for decades

Why choose Grand Pré milk?

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Real cow milk

Grand Pré milk is made of real cow milk and is of high quality, just like any other refrigerated milk.

Can be stored in the pantry

Grand Pré milk lasts up to 9 months in the pantry and up to 10 days in the refrigerator after being opened.

Its packaging is aseptic and recyclable

Its unique Tetra Pak packaging allows it to handle extreme heat without altering the taste, the nutrients and the quality of the product. And it does not contain any preservatives.

Must-have for cooking

Grand Pré milk is perfect for cooking since it has already been heated at a high heat during pasteurization.

Ultra-high temperature processing

Grand Pré milk goes through a “ultra-high temperature” (UHT) process to extend its shelf life and guarantee its safety while preserving its nutrients.

This UHT process produces milk that can be kept at room temperature without being refrigerated for many months while maintaining its nutritional value and its taste. It’s very useful for storage and transportation which makes it a popular choice for many consumers. When you choose a Grand Pré milk product, you are choosing a fresh and safe product made using an advanced pasteurization method.

Milk preparation method

Grand Pré milk is filtered and then standardized to have a specific fat percentage according to what we need.


The milk is heated at a very high temperature, normally between 135 °C and 150 °C for a short period, often between 2 and 5 seconds. This temperature is high enough to kill the bacteria and enzymes all while conserving the nutrients of the product.

Quick chilling

After the thermal treatment, the milk is chilled to a temperature below 32° C to stop the heating process and avoid any risk of overcooking.

Aseptic packaging

The processed milk is then transported in sterile, airtight containers to prevent subsequent contamination by micro-organisms.

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